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What is preventive maintenance ?

By February 19, 2017 IT Services No Comments

Preventive Maintenance is a process of keeping equipment in its intended, operational condition via conducting frequent checks, repairs or rebuilds of business equipment in the long run than only fixing things when they break.

A maintenance program focused on preventing breakdowns and business equipment problems can save money on repairs and lost productivity. So a good maintenance program is not only a viable option, but a valuable one for staying profitable.

Use two basic guidelines to decide if preventive maintenance is effective for your business equipment:

First, do not use preventive maintenance if the business equipment has a constant and consistent failure rate even when maintained.

Secondly, do not use preventive maintenance if the cost of the maintenance becomes more than the cost of an immediate replacement; this includes downtime, loss of production and other intangible costs.

The use of preventive maintenance in the workplace is mainly to lower cost. When maintenance is not properly conducted or cut back, the failure of equipment or structures increases over time, because the material used in the equipment or structure ages. With a preventive maintenance strategy, you can extend the use and the time of use for the equipment or structure. There are considerations when maintenance becomes more costly than the maintenance itself.

Having preventive maintenance programs helps to reduce unplanned delays.

Preventive Maintenance provided by the IT Service Provide should offer the following:

1.Decreasing Repair Cost

Lowering the amount of repairs that a company must do by repair or replace worn equipment or structures before they become unstable and unsafe.
This is a balancing act: companies must conduct preventive maintenance at a lower cost than it would take to fix machines only when they break. The costs of both are easily measurable, which allows companies to judge if they are actually saving money.

2.Increasing Productivity

Increasing productivity, by measuring the amount of disruptive time by the affected person using the broken business equipment as opposed to have a constant work flow.

3.Expand Time of Equipment

Expanding the amount of time equipment, machinery or a structure is able to be used in a productive manner. Having preventive maintenance programs helps eliminate sudden slowdown or stops in production, which can cause unplanned delays.

4.Preventing of Loss of Revenue

Some companies e.g. trading, heavily relied on the server/network/PC uptime, even with 1 second downtime will resulting in revenue loss. Possibly, if the business equipment is operating in optimally, it will decrease the downtime of these critical business equipment.

5.Cost effective

Compare the long-term cost savings of a maintenance program to the cost of immediate replacement and downtime of machinery and possibly employees. Using preventive maintenance helps keep production schedules and order deadlines on track, thereby keeping penalties down and income flowing.

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