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7 Most Important KPI’s for Service Center

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While I am preparing myself for next month, consultancy service to improve the client’s support team, I stumbled across this excellent article. I was surprised to see that the 7 most important KPI’s / metrics which we used 10 years ago still relevant.

The metrics were not from a hunch, googling, suspicion nor  academic exercise.  But it was derived and concluded from empirical evidence from more than a thousand service desk benchmarks.

80% of the value receive from performance measurement and management in your Service Desk can be derived from these seven simple metrics! The seven that really matter are as follows:

 1. Cost per Contact
 2. Customer Satisfaction
 3. Agent Utilization
 4. First Contact Resolution Rate
 5. First Level Resolution Rate
 6. Agent Satisfaction
 7. Aggregate Service Desk Performance

Download the full article here:

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