Problem Management

FREE Assessment Toolkit for Problem Management

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A FREE assessment toolkit for problem management.

This toolkit serves a base level of self-assessment for IT Department to gauge whether it has attempted or has adopted the ITIL Service Management best practice.
These questionnaires are not to test whether there is complete conformance with ITIL but aims to create awareness on how well the IT organization performing compared to ITIL Service Management best practice and management & control issues that may be addressed to improve the overall process capability.

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Template

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Root Cause Analysis Steps

Effective problem solving has four primary steps. These steps must be followed in sequence. Jumping around or skipping a step will ultimately lead to failure in solving the problem

1. Define the problem

2. Create a causal understanding of the problem

3. Identify solutions that act on known causes of the problem

4. Implement the best solutions

This template is merely a guideline for you to fill in the blanks but following the above steps.

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