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Qaaf is going to launch its new product and service in 2017. We name it XsesIT ( . It is going to be an affordable benchmarking services to cater for SME companies in assessing their IT investments.

While waiting for its debut, we do conduct many other IT and business centric assessment and workshops. One of them is called Performance Management. Have a sneak preview on the impact if there is lacking or inadequate in one of the areas of performance management value chain.

TRM - Performance Management

7 Most Important KPI’s for Service Center

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Service Level
While I am preparing myself for next month, consultancy service to improve the client’s support team, I stumbled across this excellent article. I was surprised to see that the 7 most important KPI’s / metrics which we used 10 years ago still relevant.

The metrics were not from a hunch, googling, suspicion nor  academic exercise.  But it was derived and concluded from empirical evidence from more than a thousand service desk benchmarks.

80% of the value receive from performance measurement and management in your Service Desk can be derived from these seven simple metrics! The seven that really matter are as follows:

 1. Cost per Contact
 2. Customer Satisfaction
 3. Agent Utilization
 4. First Contact Resolution Rate
 5. First Level Resolution Rate
 6. Agent Satisfaction
 7. Aggregate Service Desk Performance

Download the full article here:

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