Change Management

Change Agent – Ask the Right Questions

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When you introduce a change in your organization, often you will get some form of resistance from your subordinates or your peers.

You can practice the following questions to help you in the change process where it may change your subordinates/peers’ attitudes from avoidance into acceptance.

  1. From “Why?” to “What new opportunities will this change provide?” When you rare being asked “why,” you should focus on the benefits that the change will provide for the individuals and the organization.
  2. From “How will this affect me?” to “What problems will this solve?” You should let your subordinates/peers know what the problem is and how they will be part of the solution.
  3. From “We do not do it this way” to “What will be the result if we do it this new way?” One of the first reactions is that a process never has been done this way. You should provide explanations and empathy.
  4. From “When will this be over so that we can get back to work?” to “What can I do to help?” You should get employees involved in implementing the change.

By positively promoting a change, you can makes others want to be part of it and should be made to feel as though the change could not have happened without them.

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