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Many of traditional Managed Service Provider (MSP) engagements delivered around fixed-pricing models, a big junk of the costs from this pricing model is the cost of IT labor.

For MSP to maintain its profitability, one well-known MSP company, InfoSys  has been making massive investments in software to automate as many processes as possible. As a result, the need to take thousands of people out of the process.

The software automation is geared towards Smart and Predictive Managed Services.  It features the big data analytics services capability in capturing massive amounts of machine data that can be used to diagnose potential problems long before they occur. Additionally profound technical advance is machine learning algorithms that promise to automate IT operations at levels of unprecedented scale.

While  MSP is forcing to look at the profitability and find ways to be more cost-effective, the customer is demanded to reduce the stress and overhead of IT security.

From that perspective, many “agentless” IT monitoring tools are starting to incorporate machine learning algorithms to identify and help resolve potential issues before they become a problem.

For MSPs, the goal going forward is no longer how quickly they can fix an IT issue, but rather what can be done to prevent it from occurring in the first place. Given the current level of IT complexity most organizations face today, there is an assumption that something will go wrong with IT sooner or later. It’s the role of the MSP to mitigate the impact of that complexity on the business.

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