Align IT with business goals

Our experienced business IT consultants will provide an assessment to your current IT state and recommend action plans to resolve IT hurdles that could impede your business strategy.

We also provide ongoing, strategic guidance, aligning your IT with business goals by your qualified business IT coach.

Industries we have served

  • Transportation sector
  • Government link company
  • IT sector

Implementing IT service management best practices

There is no set way of where to start implementing ITIL; however the best way is to look for areas of the business that needs solutions and start there.

Implementing ITIL in a “big bang” approach rarely works. This is due to the fact that it is not only a cultural change; it is also major process and workflow overhaul.

Though no organizations are the same in the way they operate or how they decide to implement ITIL in terms of processes, functions and organizational structure, their actual process designs, however, will have a great deal in common since they might use the same best practices, i.e. ITIL.

With more than 20 years experiences in IT service management, our aim is to assist and coach your organization on how to approach and internalize the IT Service Management best practices in your organization.

Industries we have served

  • Transportation Sector
  • IT Sector
  • Oil and Gas Retail IT sector

Assessing your IT outsourcing/vendor perfomance

Qaaf’s  IT Outsourcing/Vendor Performance Assessment is to provide a health check assessment on the performance of your IT service providers.

What success do we provide to you if you perform this  assessment?

ITO Assessment Services

Industries we have served

  • Government Link Company
  • Investment Company
  • Oil and Gas Retail IT sector