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How to reduce IT Complexity

Excessive complexity in the IT Environment can drive up IT costs and reduce the IT organization’s flexibility, agility and overall ability to support the company’s objectives.

Reducing this complexity is difficult, however, as it typically builds gradually and stems from multiple causes.

There are four must haves in design and implementation of a successful IT simplification effort:

  1. Blueprint for the target end state and a roadmap for getting there;
  2. A program management office that helps to drive progress and track results;
  3. Simplification principles that are embedded into the company’s governance structures;
  4. Buy -in from senior management

In the article by Boston Consulting Group, there are 6 drivers and high-level approach that are served as basis for reducing IT complexity. The approach is shared as per diagram can be pursued simultaneously, sequentially or an isolation.

BCG Analysis - Reduce IT Complexity

You can read the full article here:  Simplify IT – 6 Ways to Reduce Complexity.

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