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Evolution of IT monitoring and management systems


Some of the driving factors why there is an increasing trend and demand in IT Operation Analytics.

  1.  One is the people. Traditionally operational folks are recognized by their ability to solve problems. However, the amount of problems is growing due to the complexity and rapid pace of change in IT environments, while the amount of people is not (the infamous “do more with less” strategy), so you need to find a way to reduce the amount of fires.
  2. Another factor is high complexity. The modern infrastructure combines elements of physical/virtual/cloud environments. The infrastructure and software used is multi-tiered, and mixes legacy and modern technologies. On top of each environment component comes with tons of configuration to accommodate needs of different users or clients. All of them switched to DevOps and Agile development, changing their environment and systems every day. Complex environments which change all the time increase the number of fires that need to be put out.

One of the approaches to reduce fires is to recognize what is happening in your environment that can lead to trouble. Big data and IT analytics are part of that. If you want to identify issues proactively — performance, capability, and security — you need to use all of the IT operational data and analyze it.


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