Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Template

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Root Cause Analysis is a structured process designed to help people understand the causes of past problems for the purpose of preventing recurrence.

It is step-wise and structured so that it can be consistently applied to different problems at different times by different people. Solutions will only be effective if they act on the specific known causes of a defined problem.

Best Practice: Adopt a robust formal RCA method. Avoid simplistic, generic or categorical methods like the 5 Whys’, Fishbone diagrams or “brainstorming” because they are not as effective at identifying the causes of problems as the leading modern RCA methods are.

Instead, choose robust, principle-based methodologies that dig deeply into the causes of problems and support known causes with factual evidence.

Root Cause Analysis Steps

Effective problem solving has four primary steps. These steps must be followed in sequence. Jumping around or skipping a step will ultimately lead to failure in solving the problem

1. Define the problem

2. Create a causal understanding of the problem

3. Identify solutions that act on known causes of the problem

4. Implement the best solutions

This template is merely a guideline for you to fill in the blanks but following the above steps.

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