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Business Model Canvas: Why and how organizations around the world adopt it.

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The booklet is about a bird’s eye view into Business Model Canvas adoption, uses, and experiences.

Understand why people from organizations like Nestlé, SAP, and MasterCard adopted the Business Model Canvas.

Get inspired about how to use the Canvas in your organization and find new and better ways to apply it.

Steal information from this booklet to “sell” the Canvas in your organization.

Use our stories and lessons learned directly from first movers and corporate champions. — The content of this booklet combines in-house data with over a year of research. They surveyed over 1,300 Canvas users and conducted 35 interviews with individuals in FT Global 500/Fortune 500 corporations, consultants, entrepreneurs, and academics. Sectors covered telecommunications, health care, industrial products, IT, finance, consulting, and more.

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