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9 Steps to consider when transforming service mindset in an IT service operations

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Many times, operationally we achieved “green” Service Level, but in reality, did we delivered service within customer expectation? Have you ever wonder, could this be wrong defined SLA?  Or do we focus too much on SLA and we forgot the most crucial factor that is, customer’s perception and users’ experiences?

Excellence service is the integral part that will reflect your business culture and retention of customers. Hence, the ability to provide consistent high service levels can be challenging. But how can we maintain the ever continuous demands and able to overcome situations and challenges?

Download and read this white paper highlighting 9 steps for you to consider when transforming service mindset in your IT service organization.

R.A.C.I Template

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RACI Matrix is used to clarify roles and responsibilities by assigning clear ownership for each task or decision.

Most importantly, it is used to eliminate redundant activities (two or more people working on the exact same thing, without knowing it) and optimize your resources .

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