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Self Motivation

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I had an amazing 3 days weekend getaway to rejuvenate my energy in order for me to kickstart 2016.

I was looking for nice long stroll along the beach gazing the sunset, inhaling fresh air that can fill and chase away my clouded mind and emotions and at peace with nature, admiring and awing Allah’s creation. I was looking activities to calm my brain and thoughts so that I can be focused and collected for next year.

And yet, for the past 3 days, I have been “tortured” to shout and scream my lungs out to celebrate my outstanding future ambition,  my brain was stretched until you can literally feel you head enlarging like an alien’s head, my emotions and my soul has been digged, cut open, challenged, smirked, shaken, reprogrammed and upgraded!!

Result? My enlightened warrior within is awaken, I felt so alive and liberating.

This was not the first time I felt this way. I have attended similar program and I felt the difference after attended one. Your energy within boosted, your mind start to refocus on what’s really important for you, you are able to concentrate and work on in relation to your big WHY, and your relationship with your immediate family tighten. For this program #IMKKDis2015, I had an additional bonus, I can feel the connection to my Creator. No wonder some of them re-attended many many times!

Motivation within is a journey and is a process.

For me, personally, you need to realize you need them.

Then, you need to focus in finding what makes your motivation ticks.

Next, you need to find and do it with someone who knows how to do it. They will really shake your locked potentials and unleashed your motivation accordingly.

Our potentials are like layers of onions skins, you need to remove the negative beliefs inside you, layer by layer. With a right process, techniques and mentor,  your potentials can be unlocked and unleashed. Then you can move on and live life to the fullest.

With self motivation, you will decide and plan your life, the way you want it. If you fail to do this, other people will do for you.

Find the REAL you, be the REAL you and live as YOU.



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